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The turnkey advantage

Our clientele is mainly made up of business owners. Despite their management skills, we strongly advise them to opt for the turnkey concept. First, setting up new workspaces generally fits a busy schedule in order to effectively manage business growth. It therefore becomes very difficult if not impossible to effectively manage their present responsibilities in addition to that of carrying out a major renovation project without the experience and the structured planning of a competent contractor. In addition, the sequence of work is a very important factor to ensure the smooth running of their future investment. This is when the professionalism of our project managers comes into play. They ensure, throughout the process, a clear schedule and close monitoring with the various subcontractors as well as with suppliers.

Despite the current context, the order books of the majority of material suppliers are not stalling. This is one of the main reasons for delays in delivery times for the construction and renovation sector. In order to overcome its drawbacks, Simco set up a cabinet-making plant. The rigorous criteria relating to delivery times, which characterize our company, are the same for our factory. Thanks to this investment we are able to deliver on time in addition to being able to offer very competitive prices.

It is proven that centralizing the responsibility of a project helps to avoid cost overruns. As a general contractor, our management tools, our organization and our rigor make it possible to simplify communications between the various stakeholders. In this way, we reduce the unforeseen and decrease the risk of error which can turn out to be very costly.

At Simco, we understand that the development of new workspaces is a very important major investment for a company. The turnkey concept is a solution of choice for our customers. Our many years of experience as a general contractor and our knowledge of market costs guarantee us better negotiating power with subcontractors, thus optimizing the savings achievable.

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